Thursday, 4 August 2016

Tales of Sigmar Podcast Episode 5 - Hobby Wobble  

Welcome to Episode 5, this week we look at the latest releases including the Bonesplitterz, Beastclaw Raiders and the new Shattered Dominion Realm of Battleboard.

We also answer questions from you the listeners and two out of three of us have a massive hobby wobble as we prepare for Facehammer GT....

Most importantly we also have our first ever competition where we are giving away a Battletome of your choosing. We need a new logo for the podcast that can be used on T-Shirts and Dice in the future and the winning design will be chosen in the first week of September. To enter we need your design (or designs if you're feeling creative) to be emailed to

As always find us on Twitter; @talesofsigmar, @dangermouse425, @elfordminis and we also can be found at

Stay Easy!

Show Notes: Part 1 - Recent Releases
Part 2 - Hobby Progress
Part 3 - Listener Questions and Logo Competition

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