Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Episode 12 - Community Champion Award 2016


In this episode, Dan chats to all (well, nearly all!) of the nominees for the Age of Sigmar Community Champion award, an award that recognises some of the fantastic work people do to make our game even better.

If you want to vote, head to: http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/6171-tales-of-sigmar-presents-aos-community-champion-award-2016-voting/

Vince Venturella (Warhammer Weekly) – https://www.youtube.com/user/PhatWOP001

Tony P (Srollbuilder) – http://www.scrollbuilder.com/

Tyler Mengel (Mengel Miniatures,The Endless Deserts) – http://www.mengelminiatures.com/, http://theendlessdeserts.blogspot.co.uk/

Mo Ashraf (Clash Comp) – http://heelanhammer.com/clash/

Alex Nygård (The End Times Battletomes) Рhttp://www.tga.community/files/file/2-battletome-the-end-times/

Sean Houghton (HobbyHammer) – http://www.hobbyhammer.com/

Tyler Emerson (Scruby and Wells, AoS Directory) - http://scrubyandwells.com/, http://ageofsigmar.org/

Go and check out some of their work and, as always, stay easy!

Dan - @dangermouse425
James - @talesofsigmar
Adam - @elfordminis
Email – talesofsigmar@gmail.com