Thursday, 27 July 2017

Episode 19 - Moonclan Grotfest

In this mammoth episode, join Dan as he talks about his favourite subject in Age of Sigmar - MOONCLAN GROTS!

Clocking in at just shy of 2 hours, this episode is absolutely stuffed with Squiggy awesomenes as Dan is joined by Nick (@slaaneshfiend) who recently took first place on the podium at the Warhammer World GT Heat 3, shocking everyone with his victory with a Squig-heavy army.

Dan has been singing the praises of the Moonclan and the Squigs, even after The Great Moonclan FAQ Nerf that we don't talk about (it upsets him too much), and in this episode he discusses how Nick went about approaching his games, what challenges he faced and whether you can smash your opponents with Squigs for five games, and still win Most Sporting Opponent. (Spoilers, you can!)

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